Writing the first email – How to do it

With many of us now turning to online dating to find love, the possibility of one finding true love and eventually a life partner has become quite real. In the recent past, many people did not regard online dating seriously and only thought of it as a platform to flirt and just have fun.

This perception has changed today after some people have managed to successfully meet life partners on dating sites such as www.benaughty.ie. This means that if you are keen on finding love online, you need to treat the entire experience with the seriousness that it deserves.

Most dating site platforms on the internet allow newly acquainted members to communicate through email and messaging services. So, you have been lucky enough to get a response to your profile ad on an online dating service, what next?

Writing that first email or message in response to an interested party has to be done very carefully. Always remember that it is this first communication that will determine whether the 2 of you will stay in communication or not.

When replying to someone who has expressed interest in you, it is first of all important not to get biased especially in a case where several connect requests have been received. If you for example you have received 3 requests to connect with you, it is always wise to take time and pay personal attention to the response that you give each one of them. Never make a mistake of copy pasting replies to several people, you need to tailor each reply based on whoever is interested in you has written.

The first email should be honest, conclusive as well as enthusiastic. You need to first of all thank the person who has expressed interest. If they have asked any questions, you need to respond to all of them as well as write with an enthusiastic tone indicating you are looking forward to know your new friend more.